The Athletic Club Oxithemis and the Athletic Club Orion Polygyros, in collaboration with the Polygyros Athletic Chess Club, the Armed Forces Reserves Club of Halkidiki, the Women's Association and Entertaiment of Polygyros, the Cultural Association of Polygryros, the Voluntary Woman's Group of Polygyros Community, and other local clubs of Municipality of of Polygyros, are organizing the 3rd POLYGYROS RUN HALKIDIKI 2019, aiming at the promotion of the sporting spirit and the emphasis of local natural beauty. The Race is under the auspices of the Municipality of Polygyros, supported by the Regional Unity of Halkidiki, the Tourist Organization of Halkidiki, the Halkidiki Hotel Association, the Physical Education Office of Halkidiki and Segas.

The event includes three (3) Races:
1. Health Route 5,2 km, Running or dynamic walking.

2. Mountain - City RUN 14,6 km.

3. Kids Race 1000m for ages 8-12.

All revenues from the event will be offered to the Special Schools of Polygros.

All Participants as well as the guardians of minors, should accept and agree to the following terms:

DATE OF RACE. The Races will take place on Sunday 1-9-2019.

START / FINISH. The Start and Finish for the 3 Races will take place at Heroes Square in Polygyros. The Start for 5,2 km will be at 9.00 am, the start for 14,6 km will be 15 minutes later, ie at 9:15 am and the start of the Children's Race 1000m will be at 11.30 am.

TIME LIMITS OF TERMINATION. For the 5,2 km race, the termination timeout is 1 hour. For the 14,6 km race, the termination timeout is 2 hours and 15 minutes. After the end of the time limits, the participants have no coverage from the event operators and continue on their own responsibility. If there is a delay at Startup, the termination time limits are applied same as above.

PARTICIPATION AGES. In the 14,6 km Race, only adults 18+ years old can participate.

In the 5,2 km Race, can participate individuals from 13+ years old. For underages participating in 5.2 km aged 13-18, the guardian's consent is required, completing the statement, where they assume responsibility for the well-being of health of underages. 

In the 1000m Race, can participate children of 8-12 years old, ie born at 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. The application form is filled by the child's parents or guardian, where they undertake full responsibility, signing the relevent declaration on registration.

REGISTRATIONS. If the Application Form is not filed, the participation is not considered valid. The Registration - Participation Application can be filled Online or Handwritten. The online application can be filled through the Special Application Form - Registration Form, which is located at the Top or Botton side of this page.  In the online application, all the required fields must be filled and after confirmation, must be sent by clicking Finish. 

Handwritten Applications - Registrations are available at the Municipal Polygyros Radio (located at the City Hall) tel. 2371021420,  also at the Fitness EYZIN GYM, tel.(+30) 2371023996 at Polygyros city, as well as at the Electronic Equipment Shop SATSONIX SATELLITE Kentis Nikos at Asklipiou street Polygyros tel (+30) 2371022791, mob. (+30) 6944831115. 

Online Registrations should be filled no later than 28-8-2019 at 20.00. After this date and time, the online Registrations will close.  After the deadline time of the online Registrations, a number of Applications for the two Races (5.2 km and 14.6 km) can be filled in manuscripts, at the Secretariat of the event, at the afternoon of Saturday 31-8-2019, in front of the Town Hall 18.00 - 22.00. Also, a minimum number of entries can be filled on the day of the Races, ie on Sunday morning at 7:45 am - 8:30 pm, by paying on the spot to the secretariat of the Races, the corresponding participation fee. At 8:45 the secretariat will close. For the Children's Race 1000m, the secretariat of the event will provide handwritten Registrations, at the previous day of the Race, ie Saturday afternoon from 18.00 to 22.00, at the front of the Town Hall.  Also the Registration of the Children can be made on the day of the Race, from 9.00 to 11.00, at the secretariat of the Race, that is located near the Start. It is preferable that parents / guardians of children should Register their children on the previous day of the Race, ie at Saturday, in front of the Town Hall, to avoid overcrowding the day of the Race.

PARTICIPATION FEE: Participation for children of 8-12 years old and minors of 13-18 years old is free of charge. Participation fee for adults (18+ years old) at the 5,2km race is €5 and €10 for the 14,6km road race. Participation in teams (more than 10 people) is €8 for the 14,6 km race and €4 for the 5,2 km race. Registrations are considered valid only when payment is completed. Last year’s winners of all categories can participate at the 3rd Polygyros Run for free, by just handing in their registration form.   

SERVICES: Electronic timing, volunteers, aid stations, t-shirts (free of cost only for the participants over 18+), sanitary services, rescuers, vehicles, medical support, awarding with cups, medals for everyone, children included.

AID STATIONS: There are 3 aid stations for the 14,6 km road race: the first one is located at the 6th km, the second at the 9,7th km and the third at the 12th. All mentioned stations provide water and isotonic drinks. There is one aid station with water for the 5,2 km road race located at the 3rd km. At the Finish there will be water, juices, bananas and local food (pies).

RECEIPT OF BIB NUMBERS: The receipt of the timing chip/ Bib numbers package takes place the day before the race, on Saturday evening at 18:00-22:00 hours in front of the Municipality building. Receipt of packages is also done at the Start on the day of race, Sunday morning at 07:45-08:30 hours by the organization committee. However, in order to avoid overcrowding on Sunday morning, it is strongly recommended for the people of Polygyros and the surroundings, to receive the package on Saturday evening.

AWARDING: The award ceremonies will take place on Sunday at 12:00 pm. The first 3 male runners and first 3 female runners of the 14,6km race, as well as the winners of the categories with men and women of ages 19-30, 40-49 and 50+ years old, will be given awarding cups. The participation of at least 10 people at each age category is a prerequisite for awarding.
The first 3 men and first 3 women at the 5,2 km Popular race of Health will also be awarded. All runners who reach the Finish will be given medals.
There will be no BIB numbers at the Kids race and there will be no timing. However, the first 3 boys and first 3 girls will be awarded. All children taking place will receive medals.

All participants at the 14,6km, 5,2km and 1000m road races must have been recently examined by a doctor and will fill out a special agreement within the registration form with which they will be agreeing to have total responsibility in case of any medical incident during the race. Parents hold total responsibility of their 8-12 years old children as well as their 13-18 years old minors, by stating it on their registration form on the day of the race. The organizers hold no responsibility of medical incidents that may occur during the race and are due to lack of medical examination. It is highly recommended to the participants to have been recently examined by a doctor. The organizers will not ask for doctors’ certificates from any of the participants, since they run under their own responsibility and the minors under the responsibility of their parents.
The maximum number of participants in all three road races is 1.000 people. When this number is reached the registration will no longer be available and any participation that comes afterwards will not be valid.
In case of cancellation, please contact the organizers with sms at +30 6944831115 until August 28th, 2019. Please make sure to mention your name and the race category you applied for.
All 5,2km and 14,6km road race participants must have on them the BIB number at an easy-to-spot place, at the front of their body. Otherwise their participation will not be valid.
Moreover, all participants should show respect to nature by keeping rubbish out. They should leave their plastic bottles at the aid stations, so that they are afterwards collected for recycling.
Participants should comply with indications given by the judges and the organizers. If not, then they run high risk of cancellation.
Runners’ collection: Volunteers with cars provided by the organizers will be following the last runners, so that they are collected in case of quitting. The ones who do not need medical assistance but however quit, will have to wait at the aid stations until the car collects them and delivers them at the Finish.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS – CHANGING ROOMS – TOILETS: Participants can leave their personal belongings at two indicated by the organizers classrooms of Polygyros Highschool, which is 100m away from the Start. Participants should not leave valuable items, such as mobile phones, money etc. as the organizers do not hold any responsibility in case of lost. Participants can change clothes at the same classrooms. Toilets are located very close.

PARKING: All participants coming from other places can park at the Municipal Parking located below the General Hospital of Halkidiki and about 500m away from the Start.

ROUTE MAPS: Route maps are available on Polygyros Run website.

CLUB AND SPONSORS’ BOOTHS: The organizers give all sponsors the opportunity to place their booths near the Start in order to promote their goods and/or services. Clubs and sponsors who decide to have booths should let the organizers know until August 21st, 2019. It is forbidden to have any money transaction at the booth.

By signing the registration form, the participants agree to let the organizers, the media and sponsors make free use of their names and pictures.
The organizers have the right to change the date or postpone the road race or even change the route, the starting time or the terms and conditions, in case of emergency. Participants will be promptly notified.


The 14,6 km road race has 650m height and contains 9,7 km ground gradual forest road at the mountain of Tsoukalas, without real technical difficulties and 5km of asphalt inside and outside the town and it is recommended for runners of middle to high experience. The route is very beautiful as it combines town and nature and has view to most parts of Halkidiki like Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos Mountain and Holomondas Mountain. People over 18 years old can apply for this race, as far as they agree and accept the terms and conditions of the road race and run on their own responsibility. There will be 3 aid stations at the 14,6 km race. The first one is at the 6th km at the spot “Church – Cross”, the second one at 9,7km near “Profitis Ilias” and the third one will be located at the 12th km. All aid stations will provide participants with water and isotonic drinks. At the Finish there will be water, juices, bananas and local food. The time limit for the 14,6 km race is 2 hrs and 15 min. From 11:30am and on the participants of the 14,6 km race do not have any participation right and are asked to continue the route by the side of the road and on their own responsibility.
The fee of the 14,6 km road race is €10 and is given together with the registration form.

The 5,2 km Popular Road of Health Race addresses to beginners or experienced runners of 5 km, students, hikers, club members (not necessarily athletic ones) and generally to everyone who wish to participate in this event by running or walking dynamically. It contains 4km of asphalt within the town and 1km ground road in nature.
Everyone can register to participate in the Popular Road of Health of 5,2 km, even minors of 13-18 years old as far as their parents provide a signed agreement of consent on the day of race. All participants of the 5,2 km race and the parents of the minors must agree and accept the terms and conditions of the race. There will be an aid station with water at Panagia spot, 3 km away from the Start. The time limit of finishing is 1 hour. From 10:00am and on the participants of the 5,2km race do not have any participation right and are asked to continue the route by the side of the road and on their own responsibility. At the Finish there will be water, juices, bananas and local food. The fee to participate in the 5,2 km Popular Road of Health is €5 and is given together with the registration form. There is no participation cost for minors of 13-18 years old.

The Kids Road Race addresses to children of 8-12 years old, born from 2007 to 2011. The children that participate must be accompanied by their parents or another person before and after the race. The Start will be at the same place as for the rest of the road races, which is at “Heroes Square”. The children will head towards the Fire Department where they will make a U-turn and come back to the square to finish. The registration form of the children must be completed by their parents on the day of the race at 09:00-11:00 hours, providing also a signed agreement of responsibility refusal. Participation of children is free of charge.

Polygyros Run Race is being conducted under the aegis of the Hellenic Athletics Federation SEGAS. The conditions for all official road races applied by the Hellenic Athletics Federation and IAAF are also valid for Polygyros Run as expected.

Contact details
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