F.C "Niki" Polygyrou and the Office of Physical Education of Chalkidiki in collaboration with the Hellenic Armed Forces Reserves Club of Chalkidiki, the Youth Association of Polygyros, the Women's Association of Polygyros and other local operators of the Municipality of Polygyros, are organizing the 2nd POLYGYROS RUN HALKIDIKI 2018, aiming at the promotion of the sporting spirit and natural beauty. The race is under the auspices of the Municipality of Polygyros.
The event includes two (2) Races:
1. Mountain - City RUN 14,5 km
2. Health Route 5.2 km with jogging or dynamic walking.
The event will take place on Sunday 26-8-2018 under the following terms:
The Start and Finish of both Races will take place at Heroes Square in Polygyros. The 5.2 km race will start at 9.00 in the morning and the 14,5 km race will start 15 minutes later, at 9:15.
The 14,5 km race has a total positive altitude of 444 meters and includes a 9.7 km of dirt road to Mount Tsoukalas Polygyros, without technical difficulties, and 5 km of asphalt, both inside and outside the city, and is aimed at runners of middle and senior experience. The route is beautiful, combines city and mountain terrain and overlooks the whole region of Chalkidiki, Kassandra, Sithonia, Mount Athos and Mount Holomontas.
All athletes over the age of 18 are eligible to participate in the 14,5 km race, on condition that they accept and agree with the terms of the race, and they run on their own responsibility.
There will be 3 supply stations for the 14.5 km race . The first station will be on the 6th km in the location "chapel - Stavros", the second station will be on the 9.7 km near "Profitis Ilias" and the third supply station will be at 13,3 km, on the old road Polygyros - Paleokastro. All stations will provide water and isotonic drinks. At the finish there will be water, juices, bananas and local dishes.
As regards the 14.5 km race, there is a 2- hour and 15- minute shutdown time limit. After 11:30, 14.5 km participants will have no coverage and should continue from the roadside on their own responsibility.
The cost of participating in the 14.5 km race is 10 euros and is paid upon submission of the Application Form.

The 5.2 km race is aimed at beginners or experienced 5 km runners, students, hikers, club members (not necessarily sports club) and generally anyone wishing to participate in a road event running or walking dynamically. It includes 4 km of asphalt in the city and 1 km of dirt road in nature.
Everyone is eligible to participate in the 5.2 km race, even minors 12-18 years old -if declared under the responsibility of their guardian, who will sign a responsible declaration of consent on the day of the Games. All 5.2 km participants and minors' guardians should accept and agree to the terms of the race.
As regards the 5.2 km race, there will be a water supply station at Panagia, 3 km from the start.
The shutdown time limit is 1 hour. After 10:00, 5 km participants will not have coverage and will have to continue to finish at their own responsibility. At the finish there will be water, juices, bananas and local dishes.
The cost of participation for the 5.2 km race is 5 Euro and is paid upon submission of the Application Form.

The Registration-Participation Application is submitted online or manually. Online is submitted through the Application Form, located at the beginning and end of this site. The online application must include all required details and be sent after confirmation by clicking Finish.
Handwritten Registration and Participation Applications will be available at the Municipal Radio of Polygyros.
Online and Handwritten Registration Applications should be submitted no later than 22-8-2017 till 20.00 . After this date and time the registrations will stop. A minimum number of Applications for both races can be filled in manuscripts and deposited at the race secretariat on Sunday morning 7:45 - 8:45 on the day of the races, after paying the corresponding participation fee. At 8:45 the secretariat closes. If the Application Form is not filled, participation is not considered valid.
The participation cost for the 14.5 km race is 10 €.
The participation fee for the 5.2 km race is 5 €.
For group entries (10 persons or more) the cost is set at 8 € for the 14,5km race and 4 € for the 5.2km race.
Only registrations for which payment has been deposited are considered valid.
The first winner of each category of last year's race can participate in the 2nd Polygyros Run only with the registration request without payment of the participation fee

All participants at the 14.5 km and 5.2 km races should have been recently examined by a doctor and will complete the relevant statement on the application form, which will assume responsibility for any medical event during the race. For the 12-18-year-old minors, their guardians assume responsibility by signing the relevant application form on the Day of the race.
The Races will be covered by rescuers, vehicles, volunteers and medical support.
The maximum number of participants in both matches is 800. Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, the entries are closed and any participation after that is invalid.
In the case of cancellation of your participation, please let us know by text message at 6944181855 until 24-8-2017, indicating your name and your intention to cancel your participation.
All participants, in order for their participation to be valid, should have the Participation Number (BIB) placed on a visible spot on the front of the body. The attendance and receipt of the Participants' Numbers will take place at the start of the race from 07:45 to 08:45. The race secretariat will close 15 minutes before the start, that is at 08:45, so runners are kindly requested to arrive on time and not later than 08:15.
The personal items of the participants will be kept in 2 halls of Polygyros High School, 100 meters from the starting point. There must be no valuables such as mobiles, money, etc. and the organizers are not responsible for their loss. There will be changing rooms in the same area.

Those arriving from other cities can park at the Municipal Park under the General Hospital of Halkidiki at a distance of approximately 500 meters from the start and finish point.
Upon completion of the Registration-Participation Application, participants consent to the free use of their name and their image by the Organizers, the Media and the Sponsors of the Race.
The prizes will be awarded after the finish of the 14.5 km race. The first 3 male and female runners of the overall classification and the men's and women’s 19-39, 40-49, 50+ male and female runners will be awarded prizes for the 14.5 km race. The participation of 10 athletes per category is required.
The first 3 male runners and the top 3 female runners in the overall ranking will be awarded the 5.2 kilometer race prize. All runners who finish will receive a medal.
If the Organizers deem it necessary, they have the right to change the date of the races or to modify the route or start time or change the conditions of the races. Participants will be notified in time.

We start from Heroes Square and go downhill Polytechniou Street to the Town Hall. We continue uphill on Harilaou Trikoupi Street. Turn right into Asklepios Street, which we follow to the point where we meet the provincial road of Polygyros Ierissos. We then ascend to the mountain (KEKYKAMEA), having traveled 2.4 km on asphalt, until we enter the dirt road, which we meet diagonally to the left. The dirt road runs at a distance of 3.6 km to the "chapel - Stavros" where the first supply station is located (6 km from the start). We continue downhill for 1.2 km on asphalt road (road coming from Taxiarchis) and then diagonally to the right we have a smooth dirt road for 2.5 km until the second supply station in Profitis Ilias (distance 9.7 km from the start). There are 800 meters of an uphill forest dirt road, which continues for another 2.8 km downhill. At the starting point of the asphalt road (the old road Polygyros - Paleokastro) there is the third supply station (13.3 km from the start). There are 1.4 km of asphalt road in the old Polygyros - Paleokastros road and at the Polytechnion street until the end of the square Heroes.

Starting from Heroes Square, we head down the Polytechnic Street in front of the Town Hall and continue along the pedestrian zone to Exi Vrises. Then we ascend from Odysseas Elytis Street. At Asklipiou Street, we turn left to the park opposite the 1st Primary School. We descend the Gerakina Street towards the Municipal Theater of Polygyros and then head for the Municipal Stadium of Polygyros. We continue towards the chapel at "Panagia". From there, we continue on a dirt road for the next 1 km and climb to the Indoor Gym. We return running past Polygyros Municipal Stadium, the Polygyros Museum and finish at Heroes Square.